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Finding a truly reliable writing service is more difficult than many people would think. This is, for the most part, because there are so many companies that present themselves as being legit and professional. How can you distinguish between the reliable and the unreliable? And while you may find it a bit overwhelming, because it is, there are some aspects that can guide you in the right direction.

In this respect, if you’ve stumbled across in the past, perhaps you’ve been thinking of giving it a chance. Before you do that, though, take the time to read our feedback on Time4Writing, to ensure that you’ve made the right call.



Irrespective of this company’s name, it isn’t a writing service, per say. On the opposite, Time 4 Writing concentrates on offering assistance in teaching and tutorials. That is to say, it supplies courses for students of distinct academic levels – elementary, middle school and high school students. Moving on, it facilitates coursework help to ESL students of all academic levels.

Essentially, in an attempt to gauge the reliability of this firm’s services, we looked at customer feedback and testimonials. We found numerous comments by parents – they were widely positive. However, some professional reviews displayed opposing opinions, as they indicated that the teachers are far from being the most proficient. This could only mean that this is entirely dependent on the teacher.

Of course, aside from reading reviews, we placed an order as well. We chose a high-school level package, and we took our time to evaluate the entire curriculum. In plain English, we put ourselves in the position of home-schooling parents that might consider contacting

In order to implement that specific curriculum, we noted that the parent should possess excellent English language skills. This is something that shouldn’t miss your focus if you’re considering going down this path.


Writing Staff and Customer Support Agents

We focused our attention on the teachers that were responsible for supplying the tutoring material. And a beneficial aspect, in this respect, is that you can analyze teachers’ detailed profiles, which also contain information regarding the universities they attended, their teaching experience, and other quintessential aspects.

Nevertheless, we had some concerns regarding the customer support department. That’s because there isn’t a customer support department per say. In the event in which you have a question or a problem, you have to contact directly. This is really odd – in fact, it is far from being a professional approach.

Prices and Discounts

What can you expect of Time 4 Writing prices? Are they convenient or the other way around? To be frank, in comparison with other tutoring websites on the Internet, the rates are quite reasonable. Nevertheless, the odd thing is that there aren’t any discounts or other coupon codes. In fact, there isn’t any promo code for a returning customer either.

That is to say, the prices are fixed, and you cannot benefit from any reductions or temporary offers. On a different note, there aren’t any freebies offered, either. There is, however, a money-back guarantee, considering that you aren’t fully satisfied with the product you’ve ordered.

To conclude, this firm’s rating isn’t necessarily the best. Nevertheless, it doesn’t fall into the opposing category either. That’s because some of the teachers are actually reliable, whilst others aren’t. That’s why we cannot give a definite verdict – we would have liked if the quality provided by would have been consistent. In this way, home-schooling parents might consider opting for this service if the situation asks for it.

Time4Writing Review

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