Frequently asked questions
The first question most people ask is what CouponAssistance.com is.
CouponAssistance.com is a website, which main and unique role is to link students with top essay writing and research companies. This is mainly done online through free discount and coupon codes  for all customers. This arrangement is mutually beneficial for both: the company and students. All the services offered come free of charge.
What is a featured coupon?
Featured coupon is what is displayed on top of all other coupons. Its main purpose is to broadcast its importance in terms of cost and popularity. It always has a link to your website and is sometimes highlighted in a unique way. It is recommended for custom essays.
What other companies post their offers on CouponAssistance.com?
Considering CouponAssistance.com serves to connect students with relevant top rated essay writing and research companies around the globe, you can trust the companies to deliver services like proofreading, editing and all academic writing.
How does the company protect me from dishonest and fraudulent essay companies?
Any company found to be providing unreliable coupon to any customer will automatically have their coupons removed from our website.
Is there need for me to have a personalized account in order to fully utilize the site?
Students are allowed 100% access to the website without the need for a personalized account.
Am I allowed to send my favorite coupons to my own email account?
As a matter of fact this is allowed, all you need to do is save your favorite coupon and then enter your email address. It will automatically be in your account once you press the send button.
If one of the coupons I saved is not working, what should I do?
This is an extremely rare occasion, however, if it happens, first make sure the coupon is the same as that on CouponAssistance.com. If this is correct, report the problem by following these steps.
Start by saving the coupon,
once done report by clicking the “@” link,
complete the report form,
The information is delivered to the coupon publisher and CouponAssistance.com staff who will work on solving the problem.
Why do some saved coupons not appear on the saved coupons page?
This is mainly depended on the computer you use and the cookies available on your web browser. They sometimes have different features for saving some coupons, however, this is not the case with  CouponAssistance.com